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使用注射模具的制造车间对其固定装置的存储考虑与材料的存储考虑不同. An injection mold’s high price and susceptibility to damage require industrial-grade storage racks such as Dexco® racking solutions. Manufactured by Ross, 这些注塑模具的存储架具有专门为制造夹具设计的货架布局. As a result, 他们可以解决典型的注塑模具存储挑战,包括以下好处:


Weight Capacity for Loads Up to 80,000 Pounds or Higher

Dexco机架由于其钢结构结构而具有更高的存储容量.  机架负载能力超过典型的模具重量允许制造商扩大他们的工具库存,而无需重新设计系统. Injection mold racks from Ross can carry up to 80,000 pounds or higher per shelf, and can be designed to your exact specifications. Our custom designs, 广泛的制造能力和结构材料的使用使皇冠365app首页能够制造几乎任何容量的货架.


Maximized Vertical Storage

典型的工业货架可能不够大或没有足够的重量容量来存储所有制造商的模具在多个货架上, requiring expansion horizontally and the use of valuable floor space. Also, 在制造商必须将注塑模具存放在地板上的情况下, the introduction of Dexco racks can provide vertical storage capacity. Dexco货架的特点是您指定的水平和重量容量的数量,以容纳所有的注塑模具垂直, allowing you to free up horizontal space for additional equipment, improved accessibility, and additional storage racks. Customers find our mold storage racks great solutions for:

  • Hot & Cold Runner Injection Molds
  • Insulated Runner Molds
  • Single, Multi & Family Cavity Molds
  • Two-Plate/Single Parting and Three-Plate/Double Parting Surface Molds
  • 3D Printed Molds
  • Molds with Moveable Inserts
  • Resin Mold Storage


Improved Efficiency in Fixture Handling and Die Change-Out

If you have inefficiently designed injection mold storage, 运输和更换模具的时间可能导致每天停机数小时. At Ross, 皇冠365app首页可以推荐和开发一个货架系统,最大限度地利用您设备附近的存储空间.  Improved tooling access can potentially eliminate hours of lost time, increasing production efficiency and profitability.


Custom Dimensions and Layouts for Enhanced Storage Efficiency

Dexco工程师可以为您的芯、腔和主单元模具开发定制的机架解决方案. 当你选择一个专门与你的生产流程集成的系统, storage density, mold die access and tooling change time are optimized. Our custom solutions for injection mold racking include:

  • Application-specific dimensions生产工厂的现场规范和公司政策可能需要皇冠365app首页的标准货架系统的修改版本. 皇冠365app首页可以访问您的网站并咨询您的团队,以创建符合您标准的空间高效机架.
  • Equipment compatibility使用叉车的制造商可以利用皇冠365app首页的货架系统与叉入口酒吧. 皇冠365app首页还可以评估机架设计和选项,以更自动化的材料处理设备或独特的模具更换过程.
  • Vertical obstruction-free design: If you work with multiple sizes of injection molds, 货架系统与最小的垂直障碍物允许不同的模具放置, enhancing storage flexibility. Dexco货架可以设计成非常宽的跨度,以满足您不同的存储需求.


Ross — Your Injection Mold Storage Rack Manufacturer

欲了解更多皇冠365官方appDexco塑料注射模具存储架的信息, explore our tool and die racking or request a quote online.


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