Industrial Steel Plate Racking Systems

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At Ross, 皇冠365app首页设计用于储存工业材料(如钢板)的结构钢货架系统. Our Dexco® racking systems use wide-flange, 50 KSI I-beams that provide a superior weight capacity to rolled steel. 皇冠365官方app工程师可以为您的企业开发定制钢板架计划,帮助您优化存储操作.


Safe and Efficient Cantilever Racking for Steel Plates

Due to its high weight capacity, we recommend structural steel cantilever racking for many steel plate storage applications. Our standard cantilever racks can hold up to 20,000 pounds per arm and higher, making them ideal for industrial-weight loads like steel plate. We have total control over our racking manufacturing process, 这意味着皇冠365app首页可以满足您的独特规格的钢板存储和产品检索.

Benefits of Structural Racks for Steel Plate Storage


Virtually Limitless Weight and Size Capacity

Because of our custom manufacturing capabilities, we can meet high capacity requirements for steel plate storage. Custom Dexco cantilever racks can exceed our standard 20,000-pound limit for applications involving high-capacity storage. 皇冠365app首页的工程师可以开发一个系统,有许多手臂,因为你需要适应你的盘子大小.

Custom-Engineered Bays and Arms for Steel Plate Storage

During the custom engineering process, 皇冠365app首页的团队还可以设计臂和托架,以优化您的钢板存储. We have experience with developing rack systems for a wide range of industrial materials, including steel plate. If you request a custom system, 皇冠365app首页的工程师还将与您讨论您的存储目标,以确定适当的臂间隔.

Improved Accessibility

Our cantilever racks feature wide, 打开可以方便员工加载和卸载过程的行. 皇冠365app首页可以开发货架,以适应您在存储和检索期间使用的设备. 通过提供员工所需的空间,让他们更快、更容易地下班, our cantilever systems also save you time. 这提高了存储操作的效率,可以通过更快的物料组织帮助您节省劳动力成本.

Material Protection

Ross工程师设计Dexco悬臂架,使材料能够接近设备,同时限制意外撞击的机会. The layout of a cantilever rack, coupled with the use of durable structural steel in its construction, 能否减少钢板在装卸过程中意外损坏的可能性. 由于减少了材料损坏,提高了产品质量,降低了废品成本.

Modularity and Reconfiguration Options

Ross的悬臂架具有模块化和可重构设计,可以根据您的存储目标进行更改. 在安装Dexco系统后,如果您需要增加存储容量,您可以添加更多的托架. 皇冠365app首页的悬臂系统也有可调节的臂,您可以重新安排存储不同宽度的钢板.


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